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Clicked on a totally unrelated website and a big flashy colourful poster appeared saying that I had "won" $3,000 in holiday credit. I contacted a Sydney number and was offered a wonderful holiday in Florida including a 2 night cruise in the Bahamas.

I asked what was the "catch" they said it was a promotion offer and I only needed to provide my opinion of the holiday. But the catch was that I actually had to fork out about $900 and provide my credit card details. I asked for the name of the organisation and it was Specialty Travels. I said that I was not prepared to give my credit card details until I was certain that it wasn't a scam and even if I really wanted to have a holiday whereby I had to fork out money for airfares from Australia to Florida, and that I could actually afford the airfares.

I decided that I couldn't afford it anyway (the airfares). The so called marketing manager by the name of Edward Jennings kept pushing the hard sell rather aggressively, so I hung up.They also lied that I was the millionth person to access the promotion and that was how I "won".

After the phone call I clicked on the website again and hey presto! I came across again and again!

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #819819

I think the problem here may have been a computer virus called PEBCAK. "Problem exists between chair and Keyboard.

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